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Welcome To Royal Risk Management

'RISK' has many different meanings within the Risk Management and Insurance Communities. Risk is defined as uncertainty about outcomes that can be either negative or positive.

RISK MANAGEMENT process involves the following six steps:
•   Identifying loss exposures
•   Analyzing loss exposures
•   Examining feasibility of risk management techniques
•   Selecting the appropriate risk management techniques
•   Implementing the selected risk management techniques
•   Monitoring results and revising the risk management program

  What We Do
  • Risk Assessment for various Industries
• Risk Inspections / Loss Control Surveys on behalf   of Insurers, Reinsurers & Insurance Brokers
• Ship Surveys / Inspections
• Industrial Valuations
• Training Programs
  Who We Are  
  We are the Certified and Qualified Risk Managers having the designation of Canadian Risk Management (CRM) from Global Risk Management Institute, Inc.-New York. Our services would benefit the organizations in deploying world-class Risk Management Programs.